10 delicious Malay idioms that are related to food

Food is everything in Malaysia – a point to be examined, a movement to bond over with loved ones, an enthusiasm or a diversion through cooking (or eating). It additionally includes in sayings, or peribahasa, which are utilized to communicate thoughts or sentiments, presented with helpful exhortation and illustrations to be learnt.

Pretty much every language has its phrases. Today, on Malaysia Day, the following are 10 peribahasa that relate emphatically to food. Attempt to peruse these without your mouth watering!

1. Udang di sebalik batu

This depicts somebody who has stowed away goals in what they say or do. According to for example, a companion who, “Wah, that looks so delightful!” at whatever point there is food before you may be passing that the individual in question needs on to have some. How shell-fish of them.

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2. Mendapat durian runtuh

A typical peribahasa in the Malay people group, this depicts somebody who gets a bonus without really buckling down for it – like walking away with that sweepstakes, getting an unforeseen reward toward the year’s end, or scoring a plenty of free food!

3. Kepit daun kunyit

Do you really want the ideal figure of speech to portray somebody who loves to laud oneself? “Kepit daun kunyit” is like the peribahasa “angkat bakul sendiri”, which is similar to “gloating” in English. Best utilized in occasions where somebody prepares a feast and shouts, “Wah, my broiled rice is so delicious!”4. Ada gula, ada semut

What happens when you leave a revealed piece of cake on a table? You probably get insects! This figure of speech portrays how individuals are drawn to things that benefit them – a self-serving an open door inside their grip.

5. Diam ubi berisi

The “ubi” in this colloquialism alludes to an extremely peaceful however very savvy. individual. An apparently modest, hesitant individual could have a great deal happening underneath the surface – intelligent, maybe, of how potatoes develop underground and the main way you can get to them is by searching for them.

6. Ada kerak, ada nasi

“Kerak” alludes to the hull at the lower part of the rice cooker. This peribahasa implies each activity has its ramifications – like preparing a terrible dinner for your mother by marriage.

7. Bagaimana acuan begitulah kuihnya

Much the same as “the apple doesn’t fall a long way from the tree” – another food colloquialism – this fundamentally implies youngsters acquire the qualities of their folks. In the event that, for instance, you are enthusiastic about baking, it is possible your children are, as well – or at any rate will appreciate eating the products of your labour!8. Garam jatuh ke gula

While salt falling into sugar could demolish the entire cluster, this saying really has a more certain importance. It alludes to a receptive and positive individual, somebody who wouldn’t fret being forced to bear analysis given out to them.

9. Berjagung-jagung dahulu sementara menunggu padi masak

This is a long one, however it’s not as “corn”- y as it sounds! This phrase encourages you to accomplish something valuable or useful while anticipating something great to occur. For instance, why not work parttime at a bistro and make some additional money before you head off to college? Something like that.

10. Nasi tak dingin pinggan tak retak

There are numerous phrases connected with rice, likely on the grounds that Malaysians love it to such an extent. This peribahasa alludes to somebody who is extremely cautious or tenacious while following through with something. On the off chance that the rice doesn’t get cool, the plate would break – checks out, doesn’t it?!

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